Terms Of Use


This document (together with any document referred to herein) specifies the terms governing the use of this website (www.eyementor.mentorsoftware.dev) and the purchase of services through this website (hereinafter the “Terms”). Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully Service Fees and Payment Fees before you start using this website. These Terms and Conditions govern all users’ relationships with MENTOR SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT.
More specific and / or complementary to these terms may be applied depending on the type of Service, the User and the respective Service. There are also special conditions governing the individual procedures used to provide the Services. Where in the present Terms reference is made to more specific or additional terms, a corresponding link is made.



The Services are addressed and provided only to persons over 18 years of age. A condition for the provision of any Service by MENTOR SOFTWARE is the completion of the registration of the User and the opening of MENTOR SOFTWARE ACCOUNT. The conditions and the process of registration, opening and activation of MENTOR SOFTWARE ACCOUNT differ depending on the value and the categories of Services that the User wishes to perform.



The registration of each User is done electronically through the website MENTOR SOFTWARE (www.mentorsoftware.dev) with systematic guidance of the User depending on the level of user rights to which it belongs and the type of Services it intends to receive.

Each User declares and registers electronically the data required systematically for the completion of his registration and accepts the Terms, after carefully reading them and understanding them. It is recommended that each User print and / or store the Terms accepted in a time-resistant medium. Prerequisite for registration is the capacity for legal action. Each User must first enter the following information:
• A valid and active e-mail address legally assigned to him,
• mobile phone number of which he is a subscriber or holder,
• Unique password in its MENTOR SOFTWARE ACCOUNT, which it will set up under its own guidance.
The User regarding the e-mail address he registers:
• guarantees that he is the legal beneficiary and user of it,
• It must take appropriate measures to prevent any unauthorized access and use of its e-mail address and acknowledges and accepts that any communication using this e-mail address is presumed to be originating, addressed and received by itself.

The User regarding the mobile connection number he registers:
• guarantees that he is the subscriber and / or legal user of the number and the corresponding connection
• guarantees that this number is identified in his name as a subscriber or legal user.

Regarding the password, the User must:
• keep the password secret and not disclose it and take appropriate measures to avoid leakage to third parties,
• change the password in case he / she suspects or finds that it has leaked but also at regular intervals for security reasons.
• Never use for any reason a MENTOR SOFTWARE ACCOUNT password that has been assigned to another User who may have become aware of it in any way.

MENTOR SOFTWARE will not ask the User, in any way (by phone or e-mail), to reveal the password to his MENTOR SOFTWARE ACCOUNT. Any communication (by telephone or via E-mail) in which the User requests the MENTOR SOFTWARE ACCOUNT password is considered suspicious and should be treated as such by the User.
If the User notifies any third party of the E-mail and password in his MENTOR SOFTWARE ACCOUNT, then the User is also responsible for the consequences of unauthorized access and use of the Services. If the User suspects that his authentication details (eg E-mail password) have been compromised, or have been disclosed in any way to a third party, he must immediately modify and inform MENTOR SOFTWARE of the contact information disclosed herein.
MENTOR SOFTWARE may request the registration of additional data from each User in the context of the Verification and Identification process depending on the level of access, the type and / or the amount of Services it performs but also based on other criteria it may form on a case-by-case basis.
In the case of Users who are legal entities, the registration of data is carried out exclusively by their legal representative. From the registration alone, it is presumed that the person making the registration and registration is the legal representative of the legal entity. The legal representative of the User who is a legal entity is entitled to provide access to individual functions of MENTOR SOFTWARE ACCOUNT to third parties exclusively at his own risk in accordance with the electronic procedure for registration and authorization by him and acceptance of authorization by these persons.
In any case, the User must take the appropriate measures so that the equipment he uses in the context of these terms (computer, tablet devices, mobile phones) is equipped with appropriate special security programs (such as anti-virus program) to avoiding and repelling malicious software attacks.



MENTOR SOFTWARE reserves the right to confirm the truth and accuracy of the data entered by the User and to apply at any time verification-Identification procedures in order to confirm the identity of the User.
The rules and procedures for Verification and Identification that are applied are designed, selected and applied based on the following criteria:
the user’s access level and / or
the type of Services it uses and / or
the size of the data stored in the database.

MENTOR SOFTWARE reserves the right to request from any User, and he must comply, to perform actions that may involve third parties in order to verify the data entered and their identification.
MENTOR SOFTWARE implements Customer Verification and Identification procedures that the User must comply with as systematically notified by MENTOR SOFTWARE.



The current charges for the MENTOR SOFTWARE Services provided here are posted here. The modification of the charges is subject to the provisions of the Term on the modification of the contract.
The charges of MENTOR SOFTWARE for the provision of Services to Users become required at the time of the provision of the Service to which they relate.
MENTOR SOFTWARE collects the amounts due as soon as they become receivable by charging the User’s credit / debit card immediately without any inconvenience to it. By accepting the Terms, the User expressly and unconditionally authorizes MENTOR SOFTWARE. for the execution of the corresponding charge of the user’s credit / debit card.



Users are advised to read carefully all the information contained on the MENTOR SOFTWARE website. as well as the Terms, including the information they provide prior to their acceptance. For any clarification regarding the Terms and Services, Users may contact MENTOR SOFTWARE at the contact details provided here.

Any communication between MENTOR SOFTWARE and the Users is made through the e-mail address declared by the User and the mobile phone number entered during the User registration process.
In case of change of the contact details as well as any other information that has been registered in MENTOR SOFTWARE ACCOUNT regarding the creation of his profile, the User must respectively adjust his profile guided by the required actions systematically by MENTOR SOFTWARE



MENTOR SOFTWARE implements a privacy policy regarding the information it collects and processes as well as security policy regarding the actions taken in the context of the provision of the Services. The Company receives backup copies of the files and databases of the Customers every night for the last 7 days. Backups are stored encrypted for maximum security on Microsoft’s Azure servers.



MENTOR SOFTWARE has all the exclusive and irrevocable legal rights, titles and interests of its applications, including copyright – secured or not – anywhere in the world. The User acknowledges that the applications are copyrighted products of MENTOR SOFTWARE and is not entitled to transfer, copy or in any way reproduce or produce any production work, to distribute and translate such intellectual property in public, acknowledging that the reproduction and translation violates MENTOR SOFTWARE’s intellectual property rights.
Reverse engineering (reverse technical design) or reverse compilation is expressly prohibited, in order to make it functional or to create a personal backup of applications.
MENTOR SOFTWARE recognizes that the user of the applications has all the legal rights, titles and interests of its content in the database and is entitled to transfer, copy or in any way reproduce or produce derivative work of its content in the database.



MENTOR SOFTWARE reserves the right to modify the Terms, including Service Fees, unilaterally. Users have access to the current Terms here. Users are advised to visit the Terms of Use website frequently and to be informed.
The notification of the modification of the Terms is made by posting the modified Terms on the relevant website of MENTOR SOFTWARE as well as through the User’s e-mail with relevant notification that they have been modified.
Any amendment to the Terms shall apply after the lapse of two (2) months from the date of their notification, unless such amendment is made in accordance with applicable law, court or administrative decision or is linked to the provision of new services or new existing services or are an amendment which, in the sole discretion of MENTOR SOFTWARE, does not increase obligations or restrict the rights of Users.

In any case, any User who does not accept the amendment must, within the above deadlines, ie within two (2) months, close MENTOR SOFTWARE ACCOUNT and terminate / terminate the contract, otherwise it is presumed that it has been unconditionally accepted. Terms. In this case, the corresponding Terms and Conditions of Complaint shall apply.


This Convention is governed by and construed in accordance with Greek law. The parties agree that they will make every effort to resolve any dispute amicably.

In any case, the courts of Thessaloniki shall be appointed solely competent not to appeal or to reach an amicable or alternative settlement of the dispute.